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Camp Roadless provides interactive and engaging sessions for children to get a taste of what are camps will be like in the fall. The day camps are also a great way for parents to meet some of our staff and get to know us.

Outdoor Fun Guranteed!

Can’t believe after months of wrangling we were able to hold an Open House in Gunma! So we were dancing the day away, sliding down mountain hills, smacking on s’mores, and escaping the Tokyo humidity! It was great to meet … Continue reading

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Camping Made Easy: What types of camps are there?

The people at My Favorite Camping Store have an article entitled, “Kids Camping-It’s Not Easy…But it’s so rewarding.” I have to agree with them…camping is rewarding, but if you want to make it easy, then looking into weekend camps, day … Continue reading

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How to Be Sillier than the Kids:Dealing with Shy Kids

Last week I went skiing with a group of students.  We had a ball. I have to tell you, it’s hard to believe that a nearly grown woman could laugh that hard with a room full of six and seven … Continue reading

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ABC and 123! Having fun with Genki Kids in Toyosu!

Over the holiday, Camp Roadless was fortunate enough to present at a local school in Toyosu. We taught two classes for kids using some classic songs from the past. It’s very easy to add a dance twist to an old … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween: A few tips to have a great Halloween Party!

With 19 children in attendance ranging from ages 3-12 we had a howling good time playing games, eating, dancing and making a mess! That’s right, we made a big ole’ mess! Here are some tips to make sure you have a messy time! Continue reading

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Day Camp Begins

We played Bed Sheet Ping Pong, Mimed the alphabet and more! Continue reading

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