Silly English Idioms to try at home!

Catchy phrases that teach rhythm!
Use this when you are saying goodbye to someone. It’s a friendly way to say goodbye. Usually, people say this when they are kids. Most adults won’t use these phrases.

A: See you later alligator,
B: After while crocodile,
A: Not to soon you big baboon

A way to shorten this, that adults might use is:
Later, gator

If you think of this phrase as a poem, you may think that you have to look at the end of the phrase. However, the rhyming part happens in the middle. Look at the ending parts of later and gator. They look different, but they sound the same. That’s why this rhyme works. See you later, alligator.

Here’s another:

No way, Jose

You can use this one as a friendly way to disagree with someone. For example, you are playing a game of cards and your friend yells, “I won!” You can reply with, “No way, Jose!”

Or try this:
Your child tells you they want to stay up even later than usual, you can jokingly say, “No way, Jose!” That’s a fun way of telling your child no.

These silly English phrases are great ways to add some zest to your English!


About Michaela Chatman

Michaela Chatman is the founder of Camp Roadless Summer Visual and Performing Arts Summer Camp based in the Tokyo area. She has taught in Chicago, New York City, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. She has worked with children from ages 5-16. She is a dedicated fan and supporter of the arts. She performs locally in Tokyo with Kaguratei, a blues band. She is an active member in TELL:Exceptional Parents Group, Japan Affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum (JASCD), Tokyo Investment Group, and Pink Cow Connections Networking Group. For fun she organizes The Tokyo Lovers Pizza Meetup Group.
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