5 Wacky Ways to spend winter

I can feel the chill of winter creeping into my bones. When we get the prickly feeling of cold creeping in most of us head straight into the house! This winter, why not have some wacky fun! These 5 wacky winter tips will be fun for you and the kids!

1) Take out your mobile phone and make a winter movie! Shoot different scenes with your kids ice skating, making a snowman, or making breath smoke.

2) Pretend to have whale blubber on your hands and have a snowball fight!  All you need to do is take some serious scoops of shortening or lard. Pack it into a ziplock bag and have your child put their hands in it. Then go and play in the snow! We’ll see how long they keep those gloves on!

3) Make ice cream with snow! This is an old favorite! Not wacky enough for you? Add some strange fruit like avocados or tomatoes in it. Anything to keep it fun!

4) You have all heard of a lemonade stand? But have you heard of a hot cocoa stand? I haven’t it would definitely be a novelty for most people passing by. Set up shop in a busy area and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.

5) Nothing to do on the weekend?  Learn a holiday song and sing it out front of your local supermarket. I think holiday shoppers would love to see a group of children singing Silent Night. The young carolers might help people stop and remember the reason for the season!


About Michaela Chatman

Michaela Chatman is the founder of Camp Roadless Summer Visual and Performing Arts Summer Camp based in the Tokyo area. She has taught in Chicago, New York City, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. She has worked with children from ages 5-16. She is a dedicated fan and supporter of the arts. She performs locally in Tokyo with Kaguratei, a blues band. She is an active member in TELL:Exceptional Parents Group, Japan Affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum (JASCD), Tokyo Investment Group, and Pink Cow Connections Networking Group. For fun she organizes The Tokyo Lovers Pizza Meetup Group.
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