Happy Halloween: A few tips to have a great Halloween Party!

We had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time at our Halloween Party on October 17,  2010! With 19 children in attendance ranging from ages 3-12 we had a howling good time playing games, eating, dancing and making a mess! That’s right, we made a big ole’ mess! Here are some tips to make sure you have a messy time!

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First, keep it simple!

Play games that everyone can join in. For example, instead of the traditional version of Musical Chairs we played Musical Zombie. The children had to walk like monsters. This slowed down all of the children and allowed for the little ones to keep up. You will have to remind them because after a few rounds the game gets rather competitive. To keep the competition down you can try playing Musical Chairs with a twist. Instead of exiting the game, see if you can pile as many children into one chair as possible. Major danger! With a wide range of age groups, little people are likely to be crushed

I love the game Fish Gobbler! In this game one child says, “ship or shore” and the fish have to run in between to points. Then when the Fish Gobbler yells, “Gobble!” all the children have to find a partner and lay on the floor. Heaps of fun! Low on the messiness scale. No materials needed!

Break Time

Even though children seem to have more energy than humanly possible, they need a break. A great way for them to “work” for their snack is to make it. This will give them a chance to calm down, drink, take a break and relax. We made Halloween Cookies! A very simple recipe. Just add food coloring to whip cream, a few sparkly sprinkles, and chocolate chips and the children can make their own faces and then eat!  We are starting to creep up on the messiness scale, but this activity demands that they wash their hands before and after they eat.

Finally, you may think that you have to use slime, water, glue or something sticky to have a messy party. Fortunately, you don’t have to.  Grab a pack of toilet paper and be on your way! Children love wrapping someone up like a mummy.  After this exciting game, someone said, “It’s like a dream!”  I don’t know that many mothers who would allow their house to be destroyed by pieces of toilet paper. Be aware! Children will want to roll around in the paper. This is a good thing! It helps clean the floors. You don’t have to worry about sweeping.

Just a few tips from Camp Roadless Summer to you! Have a great holiday!


About Michaela Chatman

Michaela Chatman is the founder of Camp Roadless Summer Visual and Performing Arts Summer Camp based in the Tokyo area. She has taught in Chicago, New York City, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. She has worked with children from ages 5-16. She is a dedicated fan and supporter of the arts. She performs locally in Tokyo with Kaguratei, a blues band. She is an active member in TELL:Exceptional Parents Group, Japan Affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum (JASCD), Tokyo Investment Group, and Pink Cow Connections Networking Group. For fun she organizes The Tokyo Lovers Pizza Meetup Group.
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