Great songs for learning the A-B-Cs!

I love catchy songs that can keep my toes tapping and my face smiling! I found this great song that uses a boogie beat to keep kids excited.  One reason I really like the video is because it’s a different version of the ABC song.  I have noticed that most children get to, “l, m, n, o, p” and slur all the words together. If you really listen, they aren’t saying anything.  The letters come out in a jumble and the children aren’t separating the sounds.  I like this alternative to the traditional method copyrighted by C. Bradlee in 1834.

However, if you are a fan of the more traditional version, here is a much slower version that can help your child actually hear the difference between the letters:

Of course, you don’t want to sit your young toddler or pre-schooler in front of the computer.  So how about some great ABC activities! One game that I really like is miming the alphabet. Children can make the shape with their bodies. This game is really great for first grade and up.  They are more aware of their bodies and are able to contort them in different ways. 

Here are a few games to get you started:
1. I spy… While you’re walking around town, start a phrase with, “I spy with my little eye a word that begins with the letter A, etc.” This is a great way for children to put visuals with sound.
2. Alphabet Hunt – While you’re in the grocery store look for the ABCs. It’s a great way for children to start noticing the words around them. If you would like you can give them a grid like a bingo chart and have them color in the letters that they find. Click here for your own Bingo Card!
3. Play in the tub- Turn bath time into fun time. Children love playing with the bubbles. While your little one is in the tub, make letters out of the soap bubbles. Have your child guess which letter or tell them the letter. Now remember, younger children have a short attention span. You may want to vary this game by drawing cars, animals, etc. then throwing in a few alphabets. You want this to be an engaging way to involve your child in learning.


About Michaela Chatman

Michaela Chatman is the founder of Camp Roadless Summer Visual and Performing Arts Summer Camp based in the Tokyo area. She has taught in Chicago, New York City, Hiroshima, and Tokyo. She has worked with children from ages 5-16. She is a dedicated fan and supporter of the arts. She performs locally in Tokyo with Kaguratei, a blues band. She is an active member in TELL:Exceptional Parents Group, Japan Affiliate of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum (JASCD), Tokyo Investment Group, and Pink Cow Connections Networking Group. For fun she organizes The Tokyo Lovers Pizza Meetup Group.
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